Gemstone Mining Sluice

It's like panning for gold! A Sluice, also known as a wooden tower filled with water and that water flows through multiple series of troughs. These were used to discover gold or treasures before todays modern technology! You first pour your bag(s) of mining "rough" into a screen tray, then lower your tray into one of the water troughs. While you sift and shake the tray, watch as the water washes away the dirt and slowly reveals your treasure! There is ample assortment of treasures in every bag of mining rough! After discovering your gems and minerals, use the identification charts to accurately identify exactly what you have found!

5 Packages to choose from:

Paydirt - $7.95 (Gemstones)
Arrowhead - $9.95 (Arrowheads)
Fossil Find - $9.95 (Fossil Mix + Shark Teeth)
Emerald Strike - $12.95  (Gemstones + Emeralds)
Motherload - $24.95 (Gemstones, Fossil Mix, Shark Teeth, Arrowheads + Amethysts)