3 Levels of FUN
on the
Bricktown Canal!

Canal Level

Brickopolis's Canal Level is a Family Friendly atmosphere which includes the Brickopolis Buffet, Salad Bar, Hot Bar/Pizza Buffet, Appearal, and some childrens games. The Hot Bar features a different daily Comfort Food entrée every day. The Pizza Bar is delicious and always has a variety of pizzas to choose from. The childrens games on this leven are more specified for the 10 and Under age group; includes arcade and redemption games. Brickopolis's Lazer Frenzy Lazer Maze adds some competitive excitement on this floor for ALL ages! We also have an exhilarating game of Aeroball Jr. to complete the FUN on the canal level!

Street Level

The Street Level of Brickopolis is a great atmosphere for the older crowd with the Brickopolis Bar & Grill. The street level is also the level for the Main Entrance, which has two registers to purchase your Brickopolis Fun Card(s), round(s) of Mini Golf, or game(s) of Laser Tag. While Serving mouth watering burgers at the Grill, you may also enjoy an ice cold beer and/or specialty drinks from the full service Bar. Patio seating is available so you can enjoy the best views on the Bricktown Canal and the goregous mini golf field! Located This Floor is the ENTRY to FUN!

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Laser Tag3rd Floor

Our Third Floor is the EXTREME FUN Atmosphere with our Fully Themed Laser Tag and 30+ Arcade/Redemption Games that overlook Bricktown! The Lazer Tag arena is Alien warzone themed with great light and visual effects! Brickopolis Laser Tag is for ALL ages. The 3rd Floor posses one of the BEST views of Downtown Oklahoma City! Why not revel in the views of Bricktown while having a BLAST!?
If you get a hole-in-one on the 18th hole while playing Mini Golf you win a FREE game of Laser Tag!

Mini Golf & Gemstone Mining

Located on the other side of the canal just across from the Main Building is the Mini Golf field, Waterfalls, Fountains, Gemstone Mining, all in one spot with a wonderful view. 18 Holes of Fun right in the heart of Bricktown to enjoy with your family or friends! The Mini Golf course can be quite tricky at times with its twists & turns and Ups & Downs, but it's so much FUN you'll hardley notice! Once you sink that hole-in-one, try your hand at sluice mining and unearth some gemstones or fossils at the Brickopolis Mining Co.

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In the heart of Historic Bricktown, just west of the ballpark, right on the Bricktown canal.